If like me you crave critique and feedback, but only ever get “nice work” comments, here are some tips to get what you want! First of all, allow me to briefly elaborate on what I mean by critique and feedback. Critique – Noun, A detailed analysis and assessment of something. Someone who more
The code for adding a shadow onto any text via CSS is actually very simple – it’s only one line! However, unless you understand what each segment is for, it can become very confusing. SO here’s a quick summary of what each little bit does! If you’re not able to see the more

This tutorial is by no means a definitive guide, but it should help you with your tablet usage! 1 – First and foremost, don’t be afraid of it. You need to use it. Every. Single. Day.Use it to browse the web for example. It’ll help you get used to the sensitivity (practice highlighting sections more
B Strong? I em! Okay, yes… that was terrible… but what are the differences between <b> and <strong>, and <i> and <em>? On a normal web browser (on a laptop, computer, or tablet) they have the same effect. <b> and <strong> make text bolder, and <i> and <em> italicize text – they more

Below are 10 links to some fantastic websites which offer incredible free resources for your websites – whether you are a designer or a developer! By People Design Kindle Tutorial9 Photoshop Lady Luiszuno Premium Pixels Freebies Booth PSD Chest Best PSD Freebies Templates more
What are layers? Layers are found in most modern graphics editing programs, including Photoshop. They are the building blocks of any piece of work. Simple pieces may require only a few layers, perhaps even just 1 (though I would advise against it), but more complex pieces can run into 100’s of layers! more
This is the photograph we are going to be using for this tutorial! The Forest by ~theflickerees-stock 1) Begin by creating a black to white Gradient Map and setting it to Luminosity. This helps brighten the light colours, and deepen the dark colours. 2) Create a Hue/Saturation layer and set Saturation to -50 3) more
Gradient Maps are a widely used method of adding colour to an image. They offer deeper colouring and more options than simply changing the hue of an image. What are Gradient Maps? Gradient Maps can provide an attractive method of toning whilst being quick and easy to do. They are editable and more

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