First off, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, hello everyone! I’m GYRHS; part time physics student, part time freelance artist, and eternal fan artist. I’ve been on DeviantART for many years but I wasn’t really active… though I did upload fan art from time to time. Now I mostly work on commissions, or on my own projects; but even so my gallery is mostly full of fan art.

Do you tend to focus on one area of fan art (games/movies) or do you just do whatever you’re into at the time?

Usually I draw fan art of manga or anime that I’m watching; for example, this summer I made a lot of stuff from “Free”; but you could say that I have been focusing on creating fan art of Hetalia and CLAMP. I even made some doujinshi of CLAMP characters! I also enjoy creating fan art of western series and movies; such as Sherlock, Marvel, and Harry Potter.

What enticed you to start creating fan art?

Oh, it brings me a lot of old memories… when I was a kid I always drew Goku. At the beginning those drawings where reproductions of screenshots from the anime, but later I began to experiment with different poses and clothes. In 2006 I made my first fan comic about Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles, and it helped me to discover that most of the time I prefer making fan comics rather than my own comics.

Do you think fan art is negatively received by other artists? Do they see it as “cheating”?

Unfortunately, I think that fan art can have a lot of “cheaters” – people who only reproduce original art and claim it as their own – so maybe other artists do think it. They make it hard to be a fan artist… though thankfully almost all artists have been really nice to me!

The fan art genre is quite saturated. Do you find it hard to stand out?

A lot of great artists find it difficult to stand out making fan art; because of this I try to do my best in each illustration. Sometimes though, art which I’ve made for fun gets more attention than illustrations which I have dedicated a lot of time to, and given meaning. What the fan art belongs to also makes a huge difference. All of these things make standing out as a fan artist hard; however, making fan art is something that I really enjoy, so in the end it doesn’t matter to me.

Do you have a favourite character that you like drawing?

I have many favourite characters, but usually I’ll draw Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa Chronicles, or Russia and England from Hetalia. I’d love to draw all of the Avengers, or maybe more Harry Potter fan art… but I just don’t have the time for it.

Any words of encouragement to other Fan Artists out there?

Sometimes it can be hard to stand out in a fandom, but if you really enjoy it, just do it. Fan art is there to show your love for a series, character, or movie. It lets you meet a lot of great people with the same interests and helps to spread the love to your fandom. You shouldn’t care about drawing skills, it’s all about sharing your love of something (besides, skill comes with practise)!

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